Month: October 2017

7 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Networking Ability

For most business professionals, networking is hard work. You hustle to meet as many thought leaders as possible in the shortest amount of time, make small talk, and rate your success according to the stack of business cards you’ve collected.

Instead of attending all those awkward coffee dates and boring meet-and-greets, you could be using strategic techniques that improve the number, variety, and substance of the connections you make.

Here are seven useful techniques to try:

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4 Simple Ways to Maximize the Reach and Impact of Your Social Media Messaging

Every spawning season, the giant Mola Mola fish lays 300 million eggs, of which may be a dozen hatchlings will grow to adulthood. Many online marketers follow the Mola Mola method, pushing out post after tweet in the hope that something develops a life of its own. Unfortunately, most of that frenzied social media activity gets swallowed up by bigger stories and never goes viral.

How do you use social media to create maximum impact? Here are four tips to help you stand out.

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3 Marketing Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Technology can be a blessing and curse, something marketers know only too well. False claims, exaggerated benefits and implementation nightmares have led many to embrace change slowly and with great trepidation. But there’s no hiding from the future: marketers need to accept that data, technology and marketing will only get more intertwined.

The truth is, it’s an exciting time to be a marketer. New technologies are delivering a better experience for marketers and customers alike.

Leading agencies are getting on board. In fact, R/GA and Verizon just partnered up to invest up to $1 million in 10 tech start-ups.

Below are just a few of the new technologies that promise to change the way you do business:

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