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5 Ways to Create Content Your Customers Will Want to Share

What does effective content marketing look like? According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 55 percent of B2B marketers admit they’re not sure.

A lot of that uncertainty is due to content overload. The more brands try their hand at being media companies, the harder it is to create compelling content. Winging it won’t work. Getting the most traction takes both a short term and a long-term strategy.

No matter the size your marketing budget, these ideas can help you get others to share your content.

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The Secret to Getting Paid to Speak

The gift of gab is not uncommon among entrepreneurs. After all, it takes a lot of selling, schmoozing, and convincing to launch a business. No wonder many entrepreneurs and high profile C-suite executives venture into the world of public speaking.

Speaking engagements convey VIP status on the speaker and can be a terrific business opportunity for lead-gen and high-level networking. Public speaking also provides an extra revenue stream that could evolve into a second career. But before you reach for the mike, know this: being a good talker doesn’t make you a good speaker. If you’re interested in exploring guest speaking, here are some useful tips.

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