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How to Put Yourself Out There like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran and Gene Simmons

Whether you’re looking to appear on a podcast or start your own, the medium is a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurs. Just consider these statistics:

• Podcasts are exploding. According to a recent study by AdAge and Pew Research Center, podcast listening grew 23 percent in 2016.

• Podcasts are persuasive. According to the IAB and Edison Research 65 percent of listeners are more willing to consider purchasing something they learn about through a podcast.

• People are increasingly shopping from their phones. An eMarketer study projects that buying from mobile devices is set to grow to 65 percent of the American marketplace in 2017 — up 58 percent from 2016.

So how do you determine whether podcasting is for you? Read on for some insights and inside stories.

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Saying Sorry Doesn’t Have to Be That Difficult, Here’s How

Love may mean never having to say you’re sorry, but business doesn’t work that way. Sooner or later, every organization needs to apologize. Unfortunately, most are still using old school crisis communications techniques that don’t fly in the era of the mobile news cycle. Consumers are too smart, too connected and too reactive to be pacified by outdated control and command strategies.

Whether you are a corporate giant or a small entrepreneurial company, taking your lumps is part of the healing process. Not doing so could trigger a downward spiral for your brand.

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How to Become Someone Others Admire

Smart thinking. Quick thinking. Big picture thinking. As an entrepreneur, you’re always thinking, but it takes more than that to be a thought leader. It’s not enough to be perceptive, or a good communicator, or good at what you do. In an age where thousands of people are vying for attention on social media, an emerging thought leader needs to strategically and skillfully leverage their expertise.

One well-established thought leader of note is Rohit Bhargava Founder and CEO of the Influential Marketing Group. Bhargava sends out a weekly email focusing on the less obvious trends in marketing and communications. By simply noticing things others have missed, he positions himself as someone to follow, read and admire. How can you aspire to this kind of clout? Read on for some useful strategies for achieving admiration in your industry.

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How This Company Went from a 95-Cent Book to a $2 Billion Business

What people have “heard about you” influences how they interact with you and your company. Storytelling is a powerful way to position your brand and influence potential customers.

One of the most enduring brand stories is the plight of the underdog. Remember the tale of the scrappy technology company founded out of a garage in Silicon Valley? Apple’s story persuades us to root for “the little business that could,” even before we buy a product. Decades later, Apple is hardly an underdog, yet that story continues to resonate with entrepreneurs, investors and employees alike.

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If a Credit Card Company Can Emotionally Connect With Consumers, So Can You

Too often, entrepreneurs look for shiny new marketing campaigns–ignoring their brand’s hidden gold. You may have branding issues, sure. But it’s also possible that your problem is less about positioning than tactics. Business owners shouldn’t chase every new marketing trend that comes along, whether it’s live video or virtual reality. In fact, often reexamining what has worked in the past and thinking about how to apply those successes on new platforms is the first place to start.

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