Create Marketing Envy

Every marketer dreams of that back-of-the-napkin “a-ha moment” that comes to you like a burst of blinding inspiration. But what if it’s not that glamorous? What if it really is just a myth that Hollywood propagates?

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How To Create A Brand Experience

Find out how brands like Brooks Brothers, Hawaiian Airlines, and Patagonia create experiences for their customers – and how you can too! Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights, gleaned from some of the most admired CMOs anywhere.

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Your Best Successes To Date

What type of marketing, PR, or social media initiative comes so naturally that it doesn’t feel like work when you produce it? This is a chance to brainstorm 10 ideas that you enjoyed producing, which also provided excellent ROI for your current organization or one in the past.

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How Retail Giant Tommy Hilfiger Changed His Business Model and Increase Sales by 150 Percent In One Year

From Ann Taylor to Anthropologie to Macy’s, retail sales are way down. There’s been a lot of theorizing about what’s behind this drastic downturn. The Internet is changing how we shop. Malls are losing

their anchor stores and shutting down. People are renting dressy clothes and wearing “athleisure” to work. Consumers are spending their hard-earned money on housewares, electronics, and travel. These are probably all contributing factors to the slump in brick-and-mortar sales.

Yet some brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, are thriving. In the first 24 hours following this year’s Spring fashion show in London, sales on tommy.com increased by more than 150 percent versus September 2016, the month the program was launched, according to the company.

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Elon Musk Masterfully Predicts the Future in His Latest PR Stunt

Inventor and Renaissance man Elon Musk has been compared to such historic figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin. While these geniuses toiled in semi-obscurity, Musk came up in the information age. What’s more, he is arguably the greatest scientific showman of our time.

As a marketer, chances are you are not planning to take a rocket to the moon in the near future, but there is still a lot you could learn from Musk’s media mastery.

Musk clearly understands how to game the press, his followers and the general public. His announcements are carefully designed to build excitement and interest in his projects and boost admiration for Musk himself.

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