The Secret to Getting Paid to Speak

The gift of gab is not uncommon among entrepreneurs. After all, it takes a lot of selling, schmoozing, and convincing to launch a business. No wonder many entrepreneurs and high profile C-suite executives venture into the world of public speaking.

Speaking engagements convey VIP status on the speaker and can be a terrific business opportunity for lead-gen and high-level networking. Public speaking also provides an extra revenue stream that could evolve into a second career. But before you reach for the mike, know this: being a good talker doesn’t make you a good speaker. If you’re interested in exploring guest speaking, here are some useful tips.

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Try These 3 Tricks When Working With Difficult People

Growing up in an Italian-American household meant you had to watch The Godfather Parts I and II every time they came on television. My father, John Gambardella, couldn’t wait for Marlin Brando, a.k.a. Vito Corleone, to utter his infamous line: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

While many of us dream of leadership being that easy, we all realize, sooner or later, motivating others to comply with our requests is more complicated than Brando makes it look.

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Inside the World’s Largest Hotel Chain: 6 Strategies for Success

It’s official: with the recent acquisition of Starwood Hotels, Marriott International is now the world’s largest hotel empire.

That’s both good news and bad news for David Beebe, the company’s VP of global content. Beebe and his team now shoulder the massive task of producing, promoting, and monitoring content for Marriot’s 30 hotel chains, including brands like the Ritz Carlton, Renaissance, Aloft and W Hotels.
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